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It's Winter...Is This A Good Time To Sell My Home?

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The short answer is “absolutely!”.   I don’t just say that because I’m a Realtor® and I’d love to help you sell your home.   I say it because it’s true and here are some reasons why:


1. Buyers may be fewer, but they are serious.   People who are searching for homes during the holiday season and early months of the year are definitely not “tire kickers”.   They’ve been preapproved, are ready to find a home and move in quickly.


2. Your curb appeal may not be at its summer best but neither is anyone else’s. Lawns might be snow-covered or brown (unless they planted a winter grass)  but looking up and down your street, most are in the same shape.   And you can easily perk up the front door with paint, add some color with winter flowering plants in a pot on your front porch and voila!  You do have curb appeal!


Low inventory3. Lower inventory is in your (sellers) favor.  It’s a supply and demand factor otherwise known as “market absorption” (make sure your Realtor® knows what that is!).   You have less competition for those serious buyers!





Clock is ticking4.  The clock is ticking.  Inventory will grow as we head into Spring.  March generally ushers in more homes for sale on the market.  Do you really want to be one of several for sale in your neighborhood, or the only one and therefore, a stand-out property?





If you’re contemplating selling any time in the next couple of weeks or months, it is worth your time to pick up the phone and call your Realtor® for a professional consultation.   If you don’t know a professional Realtor®, email me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with a professional from my national network.   You’ll be glad you got ahead of the crowd!