Golf Course Homes for Sale in Bonita Springs: Giving a Sense of Home

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Home sales in Bonita Springs, FL are on the rise, especially when they are located around one of Bonita Springs lush, green golf course settings. Newcomers are flocking to this master planned community in record numbers, but homes overlooking the fairway are the favored choice for new buyers. If you are interested in selling your golf course home in Bonita Springs, now would be an ideal time to list it. Of course, when deciding whether to list your home with a realtor, you need someone knowledgeable about the area on your side. The Kris Asquith Paradise Realty Team will go all out and market your golf course home for sale, but there are also certain steps you can take to entice buyers and give them a sense of home, when they come into yours.


Buyers that are in the market for a home located on a golf course look for certain details when purchasing a new home. One of the first things a buyer will notice about your home will be if it is peaceful or chaotic. Usually, buyers that are looking for a home on the border or close to a golf course are older and/or professional types. They want to sense peace, not only in the home itself, but also in the neighborhood. People with homes for sale in Bonita Springs, FL don’t have to do much to fulfill this requirement, other than to make sure their home is not cluttered and chaotic. Put everything up and away before showing your home. If you have too much stuff, you might want to consider renting a storage unit until your home sells.


Generally speaking, homebuyers that list buying their home near a golf course or country club as one of the features they want in a new home, are outdoor types. These buyers are active and enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it is golfing, playing tennis, or a myriad of other outdoor activities. Breathing in the fresh air to their lungs means something to these homebuyers. They are tired of big city smog, pollution, and lack of being able to take deep cleansing breaths. When selling your golf course home in Bonita Springs, FL, always make certain that your home, garage, and any other areas within your control offer up plenty of fresh air. Also, open up your windows and let the breeze float into each room, giving it and the purchaser the refreshing essence of quality fresh air.


Another way to ensure a positive reaction from buyers  will be to make sure you take out all the trash before the buyer’s arrival. Empty every can, not just the kitchen. Take extra care to ensure that you get all the garbage out from bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and anywhere else you have a trash receptacle. Make sure the trashcans are clean, as well. If you empty the garbage, but the can has even the tiniest bit of leftover spills from leaked bags, the lingering stench of garbage can still be overpowering.


If you are trying to sell your home in Bonita Springs, another critical detail to attend to before showing your home involves an often overlooked step: your pets. If possible, put up your animals, so they will not be in the way. Next, put their beds up and out of sight. Pet bedding often smells, so use a freshening spray before you put them in the closet or garage. Next, if you own an indoor cat, clean out the litter box and sprinkle baking powder in the bottom before adding fresh litter. Also, try to put away the box so it won’t be an eyesore in an otherwise nice room. You may not notice your pet's smell, because you are used to it, but it will be noticeable to a newcomer in the home.


You make think this next tip would be common knowledge, but there are many home sellers that skip this valuable step: vacuum all the rugs and carpets in the home. Get up all the pet hair, while at the same time, improving the way the carpets look. Do not use carpet freshening powders, as they overpower a room and may turn off a potential buyer if they don’t like the scent. Instead, pull out your box of baking soda and spread it liberally on the carpet. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, then vacuum. Baking soda takes any everyday smells and neutralizes them for a fresh, clean smell.


You want buyers to get a sense of being at home when they come to look at your golf course home for sale. Buyers need to visualize themselves and their family living there before they make an offer. The best way to accomplish this would be to create a homey feel by baking something sweet that will fill the kitchen with a sense of family. Baking cookies, sweet breads, or even boiling cinnamon sticks on the back of the stove invites people in with a warm homey feeling. Aside from the fresh air, this should be the only other scent in your home.


Selling your golf course home in Bonita Springs, FL will be a breeze when you follow these valuable tips to help buyers visualize their lives in their new home. In addition, by having an experienced realtor holding your hand through the process you will have a buyer for your home before you know it. For the best realtor in Bonita Springs, FL, contact The Kris Asquith Paradise Realty Team at 239-300-1427 or visit

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