Earn 3% Commissions

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Ann Prewitt B19991
Sell your investor clients our Go Zone eligible properties and earn 3% commissions. We paid over $200,000 in December 2007 alone. We are selling housing and commercial Go Zone properties in Mississippi. We have single family, multifamily, condominiums, commercial centers, office buildings, Dollar General stores, and much more! There are waiting lists of tenants for homes on the coast of Mississippi. Check it out. The Mississippi coast is booming and one of the top places to invest in the country. Also, central Mississippi property values have not dropped, but risen! We are on a steady climb. There is an unbelievable government program coming soon that could potentially put money BACK into your investor's pockets! Time is short on this program, so get in touch very soon if interested. Your investors will certainly thank you many times over for this opportunity. Also, we are offering property management for all of our properties. Don't know about the Go Zone? You NEED to for your investor clients. Don't waste time on this chance! Make this a win win win situation!