The Best Maricopa real estate agents do

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The Best Maricopa real estate agents do

Many consumers just go with the flow when using a real estate agent vs interviewing for the best real estate agents.  In most offices there are a very very small amount of real estate agents making headway in their carers. These ones are always available for their buyers and doing everything possible to get their homes for sale sold. 

Your agent should be closing at least three units a month to make it on your list. This means you need to ask your agent how many homes did he or she close last year. Then you want to know if they are a buyer agent or a listing agent. Buyer agents do things different than listing agents, and listing agents do things different than buyer agents. What about the ones who do both? It is ok to do both, but if you can have your choice do you want a person who specializes on one side? I would not want a buyer agent trying to list and sell my home. They are constantlty on the road with buyers. 

I am personally a listing agent, and I have a very successful team of buyer agents to support me. I am a listing agent, so my main attention is truthfully focused on getting listings, advertising and marketing my listings, and overseeing my admin who see them through escrow. Where my buyer agents are constantly in the market with other buyers looking at homes you are getting ready to look for.

When you are looking for the best Maricopa real estate agents make sure you contact the James Sanson team. We will more than gladly show you why we feel we are one of the best real estate teams.

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