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Premises Liability Accidents

There are a huge variety of types of premises liability cases. Some are fairly minor and simple, such as minor injuries in slip & fall accidents. In other cases, the injuries can be devastating or life-threatening, such as injuries from falling objects or other serious hazards. Premises liability cases can be filed against commercial enterprises, individuals and government offices. Depending upon the degree of injury, the claims vary widely. In serious injury cases, the claims filed on behalf of the injured are often high value. Other cases may cover the medical bills and loss of income of the injured while they recover from their injury. It is important that any individual who was injured on the premises of another contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer to assist them with making their claim for damages.

What to do When Injured on Dangerous Premises

If one is injured on the premises of another person or corporation, it is vital that the incident is documented correctly. It is strongly advised that you get immediate medical help and do not wait to go to the emergency room or to a doctor to examine your injuries. If possible, the area in which the accident took place should be immediately photographed, as there are often efforts to clean up the hazard the caused the accident. Any witnesses to the injury need to provide their names, addresses and phone numbers in order to get statements supporting your claim.

In many cases, none of these actions are possible, as the individual is too badly injured to do anything except get immediate medical attention. In such cases, it is vital that a dallas personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Rick Weaver is contacted to initiate the actions necessary to document the case in order to assist in making the claim for monetary compensation.

Medical Malpractice

When one has placed their trust and their health in the hands of medical practitioners, it is assumed that health will be improved, the illness will be addressed, or the surgery completed. Unfortunately, in some cases serious injuries or even death result from the negligence of a physician or other medical personnel. This tragic circumstance can destroy the lives of babies, children and adults, and it is important to consider the legal aspects of any such case. These cases are often devastating to the families involved, and the injuries can damage the victim's life forever.

This can occur in birth injuries, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or wrongly administered or dangerous medications. Children have been injured when the wrong amount of a medication is administered, or when a doctor does not recognize the symptoms of spinal meningitis. Any such case has serious legal ramifications, and it is critical to get skilled legal assistance from a DFW personal injury attorney. The legal claim for damages in such a case is an important matter, as the costs, both physically and other damages, is usually extremely high. Long term medical care is often necessary for those injured in such cases.

At the Law Offices of Weaver & Associates, the legal team is very experienced with medical malpractice cases, and will fight aggressively on behalf of the injured and their families. As the medical costs that result from these terrible accidents can be astronomical, these costs must be recovered, as well as the other damages such as pain and suffering and loss of quality of life, among other possible claims. The firm is dedicated to assisting the injured and their families in seeking monetary compensation in such cases, and has a long history of fighting for the rights of injured individuals.



Each medical malpractice case is unique in circumstances and degree of injury and other damages. With a careful review of the details of your case, the legal team at Law Offices of Rick Weaver can advise you how to move forward with the claim. While it is true that no amount of financial compensation can actually make up for the terrible results of medical malpractice, it can assist the family in avoiding financial ruin due to the costs of medical care, as well as help other individuals in the future to avoid the same tragic situation.

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