Buying a New Construction Home: Negotiating Modifications

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Have you ever been in the market for a new home, and found one that was almost perfect, but not quite close enough? Perhaps the carpet or flooring wasn't quite what you had in mind. Or the light fixtures just weren't your style. Maybe the dining room was too small, and if you could just remove the wall and open it up to the living area, it would be fine.

The truth is, when you're buying a house, everything is negotiable! The builder may, if requested, be willing to make structural or cosmetic modifications to change the house to fit your needs. I've seen builders move walls, open up areas, add walls to separate an oversized bonus room into two smaller rooms, change the direction of staircases, and more.

Light fixtures? Easy. Add some built-in bookcases? Can do. Turn the deck into a screened porch? Why not. Add a basement? Well . . . that one might be tricky.

Within reason, the builder may be willing to change things that you may think are fairly major. Of course, the cost to make the changes are quite negotiable as well.

We're in a buyer's market right now. There are over 200 new homes on the market in Lake Wylie area alone. While there are many homes to choose from, sometimes it is difficult to get everything you want: school district, yard size, bedroom configuration, neighborhood amenities. Decide what's most important to you. Then, when you find a house that is close to your specifications, don't be afraid to ask for modifications, if it makes the difference between "deal" and "no deal."

Before you stop considering a home because of its "imperfections", have your realtor discuss any concerns you might have with the seller. Ask the builder if those hindrances can be overcome by modifications. Most builders, you will find, can be very accomodating! It is very helpful to the builders to hear your feedback. They'd MUCH rather consider making changes, rather than have buyers simply disappear.

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