Home Inspections and The New Georgia Real Estate Contract

Home Inspector with Insight Home Inspections

Yes Georgia Realtors have a new contract that has eliminated the inspection contingency clause. It is now a due diligence period for inspections, etc. What I have seen since this change has been an increase in the time frame for the inspections, 10-14 days. However I belive this has also increased because of the market conditions and a desire on the part of the sellers to help make the deal go through.

On the inspection end of things I have seen just how important the way in which an inspector conveys their findings can be. With the due diligence the buyer can back out of the contract for ANY reason regardless of how the inspections go. So I find it important to remind buyers that no home is perfect, that even new homes have issues and that everything has an solution. The purchase of a home is very emotional. There is a lot of money involved and peoples  lives are in transition. Besides providing buyers with a detailed report on the present condition of the home that they are buying, I believe that inspectors need to be "professional comforters". I know of many "deals" that get complicated by the buyer or seller of silly things and sometimes the deal falls through. So I try to help bring peoples expectations down to Earth. 

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