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As I posted in a blog last weekend it is a good time to get a mortgage.  Interest rates are at historical lows and houses are sitting on the market with anxious sellers.  How long will this situation last?


I was at a networking event this morning and visited with Ron Ireland, Branch Manager at Gateway Mortgage Group.  Ron is a seasoned mortgage broker and investor.  He pays careful attention to the trends in the market and offers a real insight into the market developments.  Ron believes that 2015 is a good year to buy houses.  Money for mortgages is available and housing prices are affordable.  What he is worried about is the direction of interest rates.  He feels that the interest rates are going to stay where they are for another couple of months.  Then the interest rates will rise.  How far they go up is unknown and they will still be affordable.

But why wait until spring to buy that new home.  The houses are out there and the interest rates may be at the best they will ever be.  On a $150,000 home just 1 percentage increase could mean $80-$100 more coming out of your pocket.

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