7 Ways to help sell your Boca Raton home faster

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If you want to sell your Boca Raton home faster, you need to know what buyers are looking for. First time Florida home home buyers, especially those who are moving out of newer homes in other states, may pass on your Boca Raton home if it does not provide them with at least three or four of these seven important comforts that they’ve come to take for granted.

If you’ve already got these features in your Boca Raton home, or you can make these changes without spending a great deal of money, you are likely to sell your home faster and for more money.

Wireless security systems.

That eye in the sky can be yours if you’re connected wirelessly to the security system in your Boca Raton home.  Today’s teenagers are sufficiently savvy in all forms of electronic communication. If you don’t already know how to make your smart phone control your home security system, your teenage kids will show you.

If you’re selling your Boca Raton home and you’d don’t already have a system installed, get one. Make sure it’s wireless and connected to a central station via cell phone rather than via land line.  

Washer/dryer inside the house.

Most new home buyers want the washer and a dryer to be inside the the part of the house that's air-conditioned. However, many Boca Raton homes built during the 70's and early 80's have the laundry area in the garage.

If your washer and dryer are not inside, but you're able to find a low cost way of moving them indoors, or enclosing them in an air-conditioned closet or small room of their own, do it.  Or, consider purchasing a stacked washer/dryer unit that takes up half the space.

 Impact windows or accordion shutters.

While impact windows look good, reduce outside noises, provide greater security, lower insurance costs, and add value, they are expensive. If you have not already installed impact windows in your Boca Raton home, you are unlikely to put them in for a new buyer.

However, accordion shutters, which will probably run you less than half the cost of impact windows, will add tremendously to the value of your Boca Raton home. That’s because shutters that meet today’s tougher hurricane codes provide greater insurance discounts to home owners. To a new buyer, this immediate and long term saving is very appealing.

Outside lights and good looking  greenery

While location may be the most important word in real estate, curb appeal is the runner-up. If your Boca Raton home doesn’t say, “Hi there, come on in,” then no one is going to.

So make sure your grass is mowed and your shrubs and greenery look good. If you’ve got bare spots, fill them in. Purchase good looking, contemporary lighting that showcases your home’s lines.

Light the garden, light the pathways, and light the driveway so that no one is likely to trip over something on the way in or out. Gardening fixes are general inexpensive, and so are most lights. Brightening up your Boca Raton home will brighten up your sales prospects.

A kitchen you can eat in – and cook in

If you’re like everyone  I know, you spend most of your time at home in the kitchen. A table and chairs in the kitchen area and  / or barstools around the counter will give buyers a greater appetite for your Boca Raton home.

Unless the buyers are planning a total redo immediately, your kitchen appliances need to be in working order. Because these two appliances get the most attention, make sure your stove and refrigerator are as clean and neat as possible.

Large pantry or kitchen storage area

If your Boca Raton home doesn’t already have a dedicated pantry cabinet or closet in the kitchen, empty a nearby closet and put shelving in it. Stock it with canned goods and boxes of food.

Because of economic necessity, more and more people are eating more and more meals in the house. As a result, buyers want storage space in or close to the kitchen, because it’s a convenience that makes life easier.

If you’re remodeling for yourself, create a large pantry space or even a walk-in pantry. Because when you sell your Boca Raton home, buyers will thank you, and your selling price is likely to cover more than the original cost.

Uncluttered storage areas everywhere else.

Nothing turns buyers off faster than clutter. So make sure your closets look roomy. Get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used for the last 6 months.

Make enough room in your two car garage for at least one of your cars. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you have; but more important, buyers will have the chance to think about how their possessions will fit into the house…and that’s how you’ ll sell your Boca Raton home faster and for the most money.

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