What is a Power Dialer? Mojo? Arch? Vulcan?

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The Best in Power Dialer Software for Real Estate Agents and Beyond

Auto dialers take the time, work and hassle out of prospecting for real estate agents. Designed with the elimination of human error in mind, these marketing tools provide a type of efficiency that’s immeasurable to a busy agent. Power dialers generally work on any phone or computer with an internet connection.

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This takes the hassle out of hand dialing numbers and gets you connected to prospects interested in the services that you have to offer a heck of a lot faster. With an auto dialer you’re able to avoid human error such as misdialing. The immense amount of time you save as a real estate agent you can then use to do more important tasks such as speaking live with a prospect interested in speaking with you.


You’re also able to avoid the annoyance of answering machines. When an automatic dialing service contacts your prospects, you’re able to take notes during the call, which are then digitally transferred to your personalized database.


If the system detects an answering machine, your personalized pre-recorded message is left for the prospect as the system immediately moves on to the next prospect. As your message is left on the answering machine, the system is already in the process of initiating contact with the next prospect on the list.

Social Connection:

If you are calling just listed just sold or expired lists. The % of voicemails and no answers you get very high. It drops in the three voicemails and keep churning. With one line you spend a ton of time waiting, but with three lines going it always seems like your talking.

What’s an auto dialer?

To get technical, an auto dialer is any type of software or electronic device with capabilities to dial prospect telephone numbers automatically. When a caller answers on the other end of the line, one of two scenarios takes place.


The system will then connect the call between the prospect and the real estate agent automatically, or a pre-recorded message gives the prospect the opportunity to either accept the call or decline the call.

If the system reaches an answering machine it then leaves the real estate agent’s pre-recorded message. The automatic message left for the real estate agent takes the time out of leaving a live message. Answering machines are time killers for today’s busy real estate agents.


Once the message has been left, the prospect is then given the opportunity to either return the call of the agent or to not return the call. In either case, the agent’s valuable time has not been wasted.

Social Connection:
I used ArchAgent with Cole. Worked very well. I stopped using it because I don’t like calling strangers.

How it all Works

There are four types of auto dialers and they include a smart auto dialer, a semi-automatic dialer, a telemarketing dialer, and a natural predictive dialer. A smart auto dialing system features capabilities such as sending personalized messages. It can also collect feedback from touch tone or speech.

With this type of system, a specialized speech engine is included with the system which helps the user to convert text to speech. It also has intelligence that enables it to recognize speech instantly over any telephone line. Message templates are used when personalizing messages.


semi-automatic dialing system is an auto dialer controlled by a human. Every action performed by the system such as leaving messages, playing an automated recording, and dialing prospect telephone numbers are all performed by the real estate agent.

Social Connection:
Used Vulcan7. But I only had two markets so I stopped. Not enough Expireds. Once more markets open up again,I’d get it. GET IT IF YOU CAN. Now I hear they have email addresses of home owners. Wished they had it when I was using it.

Social Connection

“I hear Vulvan 7 has the best leads, and Mojo has the best dialer with the 3-way dialer. So many people use both.”

The call has been screened in a sense. The only downfall to this type of dialer is that it has a patent. Natural predictive dialing is only available through one vendor. It cannot run on any open source platform due to the legal constraints of intellectual property protection.

With many of today’s call centers making the switch to VoIP to save money, the centers’ auto dialers that rely on modems can still make hundreds of calls simultaneously. VoIP makes the transfer of calls a breeze.

Social Connection

I’m in the opinion that you leave a message… you can even have a pre-recorded message set-up so that when you hear an answer machine or when it rolls over to voicemail, you can decide to leave a pre-recorded message and keep dialing.

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Vulcan has a pretty crazy waiting list.. At least for my area and most of the major metro areas across the country.. The last time I checked about a month ago. I too, have heard fantastic feedback from Vulcan 7 users, not just from the forums either

Available Auto Dialing Systems to Busy Real Estate Agents – how to get them and price ranges

These are some of the top auto dialers on the market:

Social Connection:
“yes you can export numbers to Mojo from V7 and several other vendors. That’s what a lot of agents do because of the 3-way dialer Mojo has. I’m about to sign up for both V7 and Mojo to maximize the benefits of both.”


“Real Estate leads like FSBO and Expired Leads are changing, and so is the way we contact them.”

Would you like to increase the amount of homes you list while decreasing your workload and overhead? Let us help with higher quality leads and innovative ways to contact homeowners that you have never had before. Our products are unique and so successful that we partner only with the right people.



Social Connection

I don’t know Vulcan but I liked mojo. I kept notes in a separate database as I talked to the people who answered. I can recommend it

Social Connection

Just Vulcan 7 for expired and FSBOs auto dialing. Then you can purchase Cole resources add on at a yearly expense for circle prospecting.

Social Connection

Mojo triple line w neighborhood lookup. Great platform.

Social Connection

We used to use red x and it wasn’t that good. We love Vulcan7 with coles directory for just listed just sold and it is a dialer as well.

Cloud Predictive Dialer

This web based dialer is available through a free trial and offers 24/7 support. With dialing solutions that can be used for any outbound campaign, the Cloud Predictive Dialer includes many great features. Features that allow today’s busy agents to improve productivity and save time.

This predictive dialer is busy getting in touch with other leads while the agent is on the line closing a call. Some of the features offered include contact management, lead capture, call monitoring, call recording, lead management, call transfer, and many more. To learn about pricing and to request your free trial, visit 3CLogic today.

Social Connection

I would try Mojo. I tried a couple of others and they did not compare at all to the quality of Vulcan or Mojo


Social Connection

Mojo is the best dialer hands down and Vulcan 7 is the best for expired info. You sync the 2 so expireds go directly into mojo. I’ve done the research. I tried land voice it’s no good. Won’t go wrong with this set up.


Social Connection

Vulcan 7 is great for calling expireds as they skip trace and find not just phone numbers but cellphone numbers. It also integrates with a Coles subscription. However, I like Mojo dialer much better. Probably will start using it again as soon as I get my Zendesk set up and running right.



Automatic dialing that enables your company to increase productivity and for your agents to connect with a live person. This is an easy-to-use and easy to install software, which includes online support during the software company’s business hours and a free trial.

Features of the AgentDialer include call monitoring, contact support, call recording, call results, lead capture, call transfer, lead management, callback scheduling, and more. To learn more about this auto dialer, to request information on pricing, or to request your complementary trial, visitVoicent Communications today.

Social Connection

For ISA’S you need mojo so you get the 3 dial feature. For your agents, the dialer that comes with Vulcan7 is fine.


A web based automatic dialer that works on any PC with an Internet connection or telephone. Features of the ArchAgent dialer include call notes and progress display, multiple calls, automatic lead importing, CRM synchronization, selectable redials, pre-recorded messages, customized scripts and more.

At just $99/month calling is unlimited. Other plans include the $59 per month pay as you go plan and the $39 per month pay as you go plan. To learn more about this automatic dialer, click here or call 1-800-882-9006.


The Mojo dialer is a web based, hosted dialing system with many great features for realtors. Just a few of the many features include expired property data, reverse look up service, for sale by owner data, just listed and just sold data, features that allow you to Mojo on your iPhone, a schedule planner, notification system, and much more.

Dialer packages are available at $89 per user for a single line and $139 for a triple line. The system includes the availability of many optional, additional add-ons. Some add-ons have a free while others are free of charge. The basic monthly service charge is just $10 and set-up is free. To learn more about the Mojo automatic dialer, visit MojoSells or call 1-877-859-6656.

Social Connection

the major difference is Mojo is a triple line power dialer which powers through the list.. The reason they use both is Vulcan 7 has better data for Fsbo and expireds.. But Mojo is better for powering through big list like internet buyer leads and circle prospecting and sphere… Both systems do different things..

Call Fire

Hosted auto dialer software that is easy to integrate with any existing phone and helps to improve lead generation. Optionally, you could replace your phone with the dialer software and allow the main phone system to run with VoIP. Streamline all of your outbound campaigns with one system that makes it easy. To inquire about pricing or to learn more, visit CallFire or call 1-877-897-3473.

For optimum results when prospecting with an auto dialer, consider using in combination with the following popular lead generation services: Redex and Vulcan 7.

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Winston Heverly
Winston Realty, Inc. - Atlantis, FL

Lori,  a helpful read today that will definitely give us food for thought to today's message of keeping up with our real estate practices.

Feb 17, 2015 10:50 AM
Bob Crane
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Thanks Lori, I wonder if this would help four our phone days.


Feb 17, 2015 03:50 PM
Ronnie Margolis
KW Kauai - Kapaa, HI
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Here's hoping that Vulcan 7 works with my MLS out on the Garden Island of Kauai. I know that RedX and Landvoice did not. Thanks for the great overview. We are just opening the first KW market center on Kauai. Got our market center # just two weeks ago, yoo hoo!!

Jan 05, 2016 01:03 PM
Deborah Ann Spence
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Landvoice has a 4 line auto dialer

Feb 08, 2018 11:44 AM

Thanks for sharing this informative information, It's really helpful. Auto Dialer enables businesses to efficiently conduct outbound call center tasks like marketing campaigns and sales follow-ups. It is a great technology that offers automated dialing that delivers calls direct to agents.

May 07, 2018 03:19 AM