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I am a Home Inspector, General Contractor, and Realtor. I know how to do a fixer for cheap. First is starting with the right person. Go on Craigslist and find a person for 20-25 dollars an hour. Don't try and lowball on the main guy. Then go to Craiglist and buy materials before you do a fixer. Great tile and flooring are available and you can get your money back on these items. Then start General Contractor accounts with major retailers like Keller and Sherwin Williams. I get up to 30 percent off retail price and sometimes more. Then have everything ready on the job site so that all the worker has to do is work. Then hire guys at 13 -15 an hour just for basic labor. Pay the main guy a little bit more to supervise. Look for imporvements that make money like bathroom remodels, cheap appliance upgrades, and hardwood flooring. Make sure to asthetic things like paint the ceiling the a different color then the walls. All these things help add to the appeal of a retail priced house. If you want more information you will have to contact me in person. Which is free too :)


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