Realtors Know How To Wait for IT - Generating Leads and Selling More Homes

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Realtors Know How to Wait for It

I was working late at the office training our newest member of our credit dispute staff when somehow I let it slip that the only one of the two of us getting paid for our time was her.

"You're not making any money doing this?" she asked.

"Not yet," I answered honestly.  "Well, except for the real estate deals that I've done for clients that needed credit repair in order to qualify for a loan-- I have made money that way.  That part has been great.  But, no, I haven't yet made any money from the business of credit repair."

"Well, that sucks," she replied.

"Not really," I told her.  "Honestly, I'm thrilled.  This is what often happens when you start a new business.

First, you do most all the work yourself and your success is marked by the very fact that your business survives. 

Then, you hire employees and your success is marked by the fact that you are able to pay your employees.  So every time I write a pay check, I'm thrilled.

Finally, you start to reap the rewards.  That's what I'm looking forward to."

And I'm confident that day is coming.  I'm used to delayed gratification.  After all, I'm a realtor.

If there's one thing a realtor knows how to do, its how to put the time in now and benefit later.  Isn't that what we all do everyday?

Actually, that's the best part about sending referrals to credit repair.  You come in contact with someone who doesn't yet qualify for a mortgage.  You refer them for credit repair.  You concentrate on selling houses to people who currently qualify for mortgages.  And a few months later, you suddenly have another qualified buyer to sell more houses to.

How perfect is that?

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