We've forgotton how to talk to people and it's our own fault!

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Every day we send out several if not hundreds of e-mails.  Our e-mail signature says a lot about us.

What is yours telling your contacts?

My e-mail signature is pretty straight forward, name address and PHONE NUMBER.  The e-mail address itself of course is easy to find.  


More and more I see that people are using only their social media links in their signature and completely omitting any mention to their phone number! 

There are icons for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others to help people find your on-line presence

but why are you not adding your phone number?


Yes, it is easier and sometimes faster to respond to an e-mail and yes, we all want people to reach out to us via our social media pages, but haven't your ever felt that you could get a more concise and personal response by simply picking up the phone and having a conversation?

As a title agent who works very closely and personally with many lenders and Realtors I have found that rather than have an "e-mail chain" I can simply call someone and get the answer I need or give them the answer they are looking for.    For me to go back and forth via e-mail with a lender over CD "tweaks" can take an awful long time if we are both being made to read through the entire "chain" rather than to pick up the phone and discuss the changes.   You can always follow up with a written communication if you need it for compliance or audit reasons.

An e-mail can sometimes be misinterpreted because there is no personality associated with it.  A conversation conveys your personality and can often lead to a more lasting relationship.  If you are actually smiling when you are having a conversation with someone it conveys a lot more than a smiley face emoticon.  :)

The art of conversation is a dying and it's our own fault!  Take a minute today to change your standard e-mail signature line.  Add your phone number.  You may be surprised by the people who prefer to call than send an endless stream of e-mail questions responses and you may actually make a better, more lasting  connection with someone. 


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You need to embrace the reality that the overwhelming segment fo the population that is being marketed to for things other than pharmaceuticals is very comfortable with completion all transactions without ever meeting anyone. You can see this reality in the fact that many companies no longer provide a telephone number...AT ALL! (Trulia is one of them)

If you conduct any online commerce challenge yourself to see how many provide a phone number.

If you know what a garment called a culotte is, you are old enought to be aware no one is interested in marketing to you are hear what you have to say until voting season arrives. 

Like you I have watched as others engage in a flurry of texting and texting and texting and I am thinking...'Why not just pick up the phone, you'd be done ALREADY!"

Being one prone to a lack of self control, I voiced that sentiment.  Very calmly I was advised that the texting involved:

1. Two negotiation exchanges on the Laura Street house
2. Confirming executed contract on Castle Woods
3. Confirmed showing for Friday
4. Appointment made for price review at Edgewater.
5. New sign ordered
6. Confirmed meeting with attorney.



We haven't forgotten it just that the audence has left the auditotium.

Jan 13, 2015 04:36 AM
Key Title Corporation - Perry Hall, MD
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Thank you for reading and commenting.  I don't disagree with the idea that things do get done via electronic communication.  I was simply trying to make the point that sometines it's easier and better to have a discussion. Texting, e-mailing etc. all have their place, but I long for a time when more people talked to one another face to face or phone to phone rather than simply shooting off a text or e-mail.

Jan 13, 2015 04:41 AM
Michael Dagner
Brokers Guild Classic - Denver, CO
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Charlene, while I do enjoy the simplicity of email, my phone number is on everything and I take calls.   Sometimes its not us, but its the reader who prefers to hide behind technology and email.

Jan 13, 2015 08:31 AM
Key Title Corporation - Perry Hall, MD
Insuring the Past to Protect Your Future


Thank you for reading and replying! 

I believe that you are absolutely correct. But, I will continue to post my phone number and take your call whenever possible and I will always return your call as soon as I can if you give me your number 😊

Jan 13, 2015 09:01 AM