Watch Your Kids In The Street!!!

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Do you watch your kids when they play in the street?  Of course, you do......unless you live on a dead-end road 14 miles from the nearest house!  Just kidding.....even then you would still watch out for them!

What about when your kids are on the "Super-Highway", known as the internet?  Are you watching everything they are looking at, or searching, or tweeting, or....or....or....what pictures they are uploading? We all would like to think we are watching, but there is no way we can watch them every minute. Especially, if they are a teenager with a smart phone!

Luckily, for my sake, my son is grown and I don't have to worry about that.  But I do worry about my grandkids coming along, and wonder what they will be exposed to.  I am constantly forwarding software or ideas to friends and families that have children, so their internet seaching can be observed.  I know some people will have a problem with the parents watching what their kids are looking at.  But as I said in the first sentence, "Do you watch your kids when they play in the street?"

If your answer to that question is NO, then just delete this article!

But if your answer is YES.......Congratulations!  In my opinion, you are a good parent!  And for those people, I want to provide a link titled "5 Usage Tracking Tools For Parents".  I am coping the link from an email I receive every day called "Make Use Of".




I hope this helps somebody in some small way!

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