No Down Payment? No Problem!

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Want to buy a house, but you don't have enough money for a down payment?  Here's a great way to do it.


The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) offers a variety of loans for people who have little money for a down payment.  Beginning next month, they will give you a grant for the down payment, and it does not have to be paid back.  CHFA requires you to contribute $1,000 towards the purchase of your house, and in most cases, that's all they require you to pay.  To make it even better, the $1,000 can be a gift from a relative.


CHFA loans are NOT for people with bad credit.  You still have to qualify as you would for any other mortgage.  But they are just about the best option for people who don't have much money in the bank.


Have questions?  Give us a call - we sell CHFA loans and can tell you everything you need to know.

Every time we close a loan, we make a donation to the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI).  We do that because RMMFI gives aspiring entrepreneurs the training and funding needed to start a business and achieve self-sufficiency.  If you think supporting local entrepreneurs makes the Denver area a better place to live, patronize these local businesses.  Here's a link to some of the businesses that RMMFI has helped launch:


Did you know that we do NOT charge an origination fee or an underwriting fee?  Our only lender fee is a $500 processing fee. 


Did you know that we don't have any underwriting overlays on the loans we sell?  That means we have no additional underwriting guidelines like most lenders have.  Pretty nice!


Have questions about anything related to a mortgage?  Give us a call and see why they call us The Mortgage Experts.  


Getting a loan approved is easy - if you know what to do.  The Mortgage Experts know what to do!!!  Call us if you want to use the best lenders in Colorado!  


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By the way, don't forget to refinance your current mortgage.  Rates are very, very low right now.  Don't miss out!  Call us today to get the details for your particular situation.

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