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Tom Crimmins Realty Staten Island Realtors Toy Drive 2014On December 4th 2014, the team Realtors to the Heroes of Tom Crimmins Realty held its annual toy drive. This year, the special event was held at Flanagan’s Tavern. Flanagan’s is located on Amboy Road in the Great Kills section of Staten Island.

Tom Crimmins Realty recently opened its second office, located at 282 Nelson Ave in the Great Kills area of Staten Island. We strive to not only provide excellent service to our clients, but to give back to our communities. This year’s Realtor to the Heroes toy drive is for the Police Officer Rocco Laurie Foundation. The foundation has annual scholarships for junior high school students and participates in outreach endeavors.

The event held at Flanagan’s garnered hundreds of toys, mostly donated by active & retired members of the NYPD. Other heroes were on hand that day and generously contributed. Heroes, such as members of our Military, civilian members of the NYPD, teachers, nurses & firefighters, showed up as they consistently do in their everyday lives and participated in making a child’s Christmas just a bit more merry this year.

Tom Crimmins Realty Staten Island Realtor Toy Drive 2014The Realtors to the Heroes were born from this concept of giving back and helping those that sacrifice so much to help us, such as the heroes of this great city and nation. The current six members are: Detective Michael Driscoll, retired Sergeants Thomas Zanata, Kevin Driscoll, Tony Vega and the wonderful women that do so much for their families & communities - Marion Alameda & Gloria Craven.

These top producing agents found a home with Tom Crimmins Realty, not simply because Mr. Crimmins is a retired NYPD sergeant, but because of his co-owner; his wife, Suzanne’s Crimmins. Sue’s tireless efforts allow us to excel in real estate and in our altruistic endeavors, it is her energy & big heart that propels and motivates.

The Realtors to the Heroes facilitate & manage all types of real estate transactions and directs our heroes and their family members to special programs of Tom Crimmins Realty and the participating professionals of our exclusive Staten Island’s FINEST Network.

The Realtors to the Heroes’ toy drive was sponsored in part by that very network. It includes, but not limited to:

Larry Ambrosino & Brandon Sturman of CHL Mortgage
John Baldassano & Kevin Cinquemani of Staten Island’s Finest Home Inspection Corp.
Real estate attorney, Daniel J. Byrnes, esquire & NYPD Sergeant.

Programs exist for members of our Military, Law Enforcement, Civil Service workforce, Teachers, Nurses & vital medical personnel such as EMTs & Paramedics.

The toys that were collected for the Police Officer Rocco Laurie Foundation will be distributed by the CYO and delivered to various Staten Island school districts. The Realtors to the Heroes will be more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to our annual toy drive or special real estate programs.

The main office number for Tom Crimmins Realty is 718-370-3200. The direct contact number to each member of the Realtors to the Heroes is as follows:

Michael Driscoll: 646-831-8303
Thomas Zanata: 718-344-6862
Marion Alameda: 917-576-5432
Kevin Hughes: 646-346-9775
Gloria Craven: 646-265-2727
Tony Vega: 347-231-0740 or 347-974-1085

Honor, Integrity & Professionalism…it’s not just a tag line, it’s a way of life.


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