Building a Custom Bluestone Home - Part 2

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Building a custom Bluestone Home is a process that I want to share as we build to educate and inform both buyers and agents. This is a multi part blog that will walk us through the process and watch the progress, and hopefully learn a few things as well.

Although our weather is certainly not bad by national standards, it certainly has not been cooperative with our building process. Add in the Christmas and New Year holidays landing mid-week, and we are about 2 weeks behind. The foundation is poured and framing has begun, so it isn't full stop, just not as far as we had planned.

The foundation is a "5 sack" concrete mix with rebar reinforcement, not post tension cables that are so popular in this area. The concrete finishes out very smooth and can be colored and finished if desired.

The heavily wooded lot will be a wonderful space for this home. Oaks estimated at over 100 years old, persimmon, cedar elm, mountain laurel, and more are in a native state here. The builder team has taken great care to only remove the trees necessary to site and build the house. The new owners will have the opportunity to landscape and remove or trim from the trees left, not having to purchase and install new growth that will take many years to establish.

Next is the framing stage and we will update as that progresses. This is a really neat project and an opportunity for our agents to see first hand how a home is built from the plan up! Each week or so we are meeting at the site to get updates from the builder. And we have a couple that are going to build on their lot here in Rockwall Ranch, so we will have another to compare with as we go. 

So, if you know anyone interested in a new custom home that will be ready around May, bring them out. we are paying a full buyer's agent commission, so don't be bashful! More to come next week......

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