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Two of Utah’s top mortgage lenders partner to bring homeownership to a greater number of individuals and families in the state and across the United States. 

Salt Lake City, December 10, 2014––Academy Mortgage Corporation, a leading independent mortgage lender headquartered in Sandy, Utah, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Republic Mortgage Home Loans. 

Republic Mortgage was founded in 1983 on the core values of integrity, service, passion, and excellence. Like Academy, Republic Mortgage is focused on purchase (vs. refinance) business and on the professional and personal development of its mortgage originators, employees, and referral partners. The company is also actively involved in giving back to its communities and donates a portion of each closing to local charities. Republic Mortgage is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and operates 44 branches in 12 states, including 10 branches in Utah. 

“Republic Mortgage aligns well with the service-oriented and people-centric culture at Academy,” says Republic Mortgage President and CEO Scott Leishman. “We are confident that this partnership will greatly benefit our team members by providing them with additional resources and volume to enhance their capabilities moving forward.” 

The acquisition of Republic Mortgage brings an additional element of scale, scope, and talent to Academy, which will be instrumental in helping the organization achieve its corporate vision and mission. 

“By joining forces with Republic Mortgage, we will be able to accelerate our opportunities for growth and, most importantly, our opportunities for each individual to push forward our vision to inspire hope, deliver dreams, and build prosperity,” says Academy President Adam Kessler. 

Mortgage originators, referral partners, and customers of Academy and Republic Mortgage will continue to receive superior mortgage service, which both companies are recognized for in the industry. Republic Mortgage’s employees and branches will be transitioned to the Academy Team over the upcoming weeks. 

Members of the media interested in receiving more information about the Republic Mortgage acquisition may contact Mike Jensen at (801) 233-3767(801) 233-3767 or mike.jensen@academymortgage.com. 

About Academy Mortgage
Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2013 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. The company is headquartered in Sandy, Utah; has more than 160 branches across the country; and is licensed to originate loans in 48 states. For more information, please visit www.academymortgage.com.


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