Creative Mission Viejo Home Deals

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Creative Mission Viejo Home Deals - Be Open to the UnusualCreative Mission Viejo Home Deals

Many home buyers and sellers may have to rely on creative Mission Viejo home deals to get the job done in today’s market.  With a normal number of homes available for sale today, still low interest rates, and the holidays far behind us, creative Mission Viejo home deals may be what it takes to be successful.  Here’s a look some of the ways to structure creative Mission Viejo home deals to reach your real estate goals.

Creative Staging – Yes, it seems an inordinate amount of ink in this space is dedicated to home staging ideas.  That’s how important home staging is to getting you home sellers the best possible outcome.  To keep it really simple; use a three color palate in each room, use odd numbers of pillows with that perfect V, use odd numbers of books on tables – and the book covers must match the three color scheme.  And never underestimate the value of de-cluttering.  And if all of these steps are impossible for you, throw all of your crap in the garage.  Seriously.  Show some creativity.

Creative Advertising – Once your house is staged to the best of your budget and ability, now you have to get creative with the marketing.  Demand a professional photographer!  If your agent won’t pay for it, call me, or pony up yourself.  It will be the best marketing money you’ll spend.  The photos of your house will be seen on more than one million web sites. Do you want to blow that marketing opportunity?  Then just get out of the way as the professional photographer climbs on top of your toilet, moves your perfectly V-ed pillows from one chair to the next, leans on your kitchen counter, and kneels in your bathroom to get the right shot.  Total creativity.

Creative Offers – There are all kinds of creative deals being made today to accommodate a variety of situations.  One creative idea that may work for you is to offer the seller a rent back.  This is when the seller remains in the house after you buy it, and pays you rent for a short time.  Of course, the rent being paid is at the new buyers’ costs, not what they were paying when they owned it.  Which is only fair, right?  For sellers, you may ask buyers to grant you a couple of weeks to identify and negotiate buying your next home and then coordinate the close of escrow on both transactions concurrently.  This qualifies as advanced creativity.

Creative Financing – Strap on you spread sheet and sharpen your pencils.  A creative financing arrangement may find the seller being the bank for the buyer.  Seller financing can be a good solution for sellers with a great deal of equity in their home and buyers who have the ability to pay their mortgage payment, buy may not have the most spectacular FICO score.  The buyer and seller will have to agree on a payback term, interest rate, and monthly payment.  Balloon payments are often injected into these financing arrangements to put together creative Mission Viejo home deals.

Look for creative Mission Viejo home deals and get this done!

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