Backward links are easier to attract than you think

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Backward links are easier to attract than you think

Obtaining backward links to your website and blogs are extremely important to the success of your website and can result in lots of increased traffic and visitors.  Once your website is operational and purring like a kitten, it is important to start developing a links strategy to attract as many new visitors as you can to your site.

Here is a list of sites that provide links back to your website:

Google is very smart, reciprocal links are dead! One-on-ones are history! It is too easy to measure and usually not content related, so it is nullified in the final analysis.  One-way links are the way to go.  Some paid services also offer good link values for a link from their site.  Also remember longevity has a value when it comes to links.  A low value link can over time reap value, as many links tend to die overtime!   If it is a good link partner today, relative to its link value, it should be better the longer the link remains.  (Even if the PR = 0)  - If it makes sense today, get the link.

A link a day will make your website fat with qualified new traffic in a year.”

-- Owlism

Building quality links is the blueprint for leaving a legacy for continuous growth of your website.  It is the most grueling set of tasks a Webmaster must perform, but absolutely necessary to drive volumes of traffic to your website and get it deeply indexed among all the various search engines.  There are lot of good strategies that work and many work in concert with others do you can develop you own formulation and implement.

The key is implement.  Without implementation it is not a plan, it is a dream. It is possible through a well-designed linking strategy to get well indexed for keywords and phases with links back.  You’ll need to know how to request Alt Tags on links to strategic keywords.  This is work you can and probably do for yourself, as it is laborious or expensive if you pay a professional to do it right.  Pick your own poison. 

If you look at your Internet business as an ongoing entity, it is great idea to develop and progressive ongoing campaign of getting links published and indexed strategically.  We have link partners who we promote in some cases more then our own site as it help us get more and better qualified traffic.

Find a few strategic alliances and build on that success.  It is something you must make time for or be willing to pay up the yang-yang for professional help.

We look at our link strategy as through the eyes of a Coach.  We want to touch as many lives as possible to share an experience with your regarding our company, our business and what we do to make the world a better place for society. 

Here is a list of sites that provide links back to your website


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Jimmy McCall - Cunningham, TN
The Ex-Mortgage Consultant
This is some useful information.  Great list of sites.  I will have to check it out once I get my site up to speed.
Apr 07, 2008 04:01 AM