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·        Syrian hamsters like to be on their own, they are solitary creatures and can be extremely territorial – they need and like their own space. When put with other hamsters they can become very aggressive and even kill other hamsters in their environment


·        The hamster's natural habitats are being developed more and more the world over. The result is their populations are being threatened which has put these lovely little rodents in danger of extinction


·        Hamsters don't have very good eyesight, they are very short sighted – they rely on their sense of smell to find their way around. They use scent glands found on their bodies to rub on rocks and other things they travel along in order to lay a scent trail for themselves


·        Hamsters are color blind


·        When startled, a hamster will bite but normally they are gentle little creatures and love to interact with their owners


·        Hamsters can be easily trained to do all sorts of tricks and will respond to their names when called


·        Hamsters normally live between 2 and 3 years – however, one human year is equivalent to around 25 hamster years!


·        Male hamsters are referred to as boars


·        Females are called sows



·        Baby hamsters are known as pups


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