All about that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook

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All about that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook

All about that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook


OK.  I've been away from ActiveRain for a bit, so I'm hoping folks remember my goofy self.  Actually, I'm not worried about that- for I've always been told that whether folks think good or ill of me, I'm a somewhat memorable person for some reason.


So why have I been away?  In short, I've joined The Dark Side Facebook.


For reasons too involved to get into here, I've had an aversion to all things Facebook for a long time- and avoided any and all comers who invited me to join the thing.  Farmville?  I remember the first time someone asked me to join Facebook and play that game with them- planting gardens and stuff online sounded dumb to me back then, and that's never changed.


I recall when folks first suggested I should join Facebook and re-connect with some high school friends- but we've had our 10, 20 and 25-year reunions and continue to get a fairly good number of emails as we barrel our way toward our 30th next year!


Have to admit that though I joined Facebook on New Year's Eve, I'm still in a world of hurt in terms of "gettin' my Facebook on" and having things in order. Personal page/business page, what's on a timeline and how it gets there and what the heck I'm supposed to write when I get a new friend and that Zuckerberg fella sends me a message to "write on their timeline" are but a few of the things left to learn.


I haven't quite seen the Facebook Magic in terms of how it's going to help my business at this point, but I understand things take time.  That's why I've been putting in a good bit of time on there and neglecting ActiveRain- and for that, I truly apologize.  I love ActiveRain and the many folks I've met both in "real life" and solely online through this site- and the day I feel Facebook is ruining any connections I've established over the past few years is the day I'll be looking to send Facebook back to the netherworld from which it came.


I managed to learn 2 things fairly early on in my Facebook journey, though:  folks like "likes", and birthdays are a pretty big deal on there.  Boy, you might as well forget about any "Facebook love" coming your way if you miss jumping on the "Happy Birthday!" train for one of your friends- whether you really know folks or not!


Sooooo... I invite one and all to make a trip over to my Facebook page(s) and have a look around.  Heck, feel free to "like" something if you feel so inclined! I'm also open to any and all suggestions for improving my pages- and it's my intent to provide folks with a decent landing spot where they can get a bit of education, find some listings or ask questions- or simply enjoy a bit of humor from time to time.


Thank you to all who have frequented this blog (and hopefully will continue to do so), and thank you in advance to all who may navigate over and take a look at my Facebook stuff as well.


Lastly, trust that while the title of this post may imply otherwise, I know that blogging (and indeed success in business period) requires that we incorporate the use of everything at our disposal- and that it's not All about that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook... 'bout that Facebook.


And by the way... my birthday is September 25th:).



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Bill Kennedy
Keller Williams Greenville Upstate - Greenville, SC
Homes For Sale Greenville SC

Took a look at your page and you've shared a lot of links and that's great! I've found that posting 'fun' real estate type links when you come across them is a good way to get folks to check out your page. For example I posted one of an open house in Denmark that had a roller coaster take buyers through the home. It's was quirky and got a lot of hits. Facebook can rake in some serious business, but it's not a serious place, so keeping it light helps show that you are approachable and have a sense of humor. 

Jan 21, 2015 04:20 AM
Dennis Burgess
AmeriTeam Property Management - Mid Florida, FL
Orlando Property Manager and Realtor

Hi, Bill:  Thank you for stopping by- and for your comment, suggestions and kind words.  I remember seeing that post about the coaster, too- which led me to watch videos from a number of other guys who had built their own back-yard coasters.  Some of those things were amazing...but some were down-right scary!

Jan 21, 2015 04:25 AM
Michael Dagner
Brokers Guild Classic - Denver, CO
Your Denver Homes Realty Expert

Dennis, same thing here, haven't been too involved with FB, but probably need to make a point this year.

Jan 21, 2015 11:33 AM
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