The 3rd and 4th step in the buying process.

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3. Research the Areas – Have a look at our “Neighborhoods” link where you can find detailed information on Metro Atlanta’s neighborhoods.  Drive around at different times during the day, spend an afternoon in a local park, explore the shops & restaurants, or take a walk/go for a cycle in the neighborhood to familiarize yourself with the area.

 4. Look at Properties – Take your time! Begin by searching the internet, driving around neighborhoods & reading the papers. Schedule a good 2 hours per appointment with your realtor to look at properties. Take advantage of Open Houses around town on Sunday afternoons. Open Houses will give you the opportunity to casually look at properties. They are usually printed in the paper or signs are put up outside the properties on the Friday or Saturday prior. Contact The Graham Seeby Group for a list of upcoming Open Houses in your area.             

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