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Mission Viejo Home Storage Solutions Getting Better, But Still Lacking in Some Areas

Mission Viejo home storage solutionsMission Viejo home storage solutions have come a long way since the mid-century moderns made their Orange County debut in the middle of the last century. With each progressive phase of new construction, Mission Viejo home storage solutions have made some advances – along with designs that banished the low ceilings, the single bathroom for the entire house, and the galley kitchens that are cut off from both the dining room and the family room.  Yet, even with all of these massive moves forward, there are still some Mission Viejo home storage solutions home owners have to invent on their own to keep pace with our evolving lifestyles.  Here are just a few things some of the Mission Viejo home storage solutions my recent clients have been looking for in their dream home.

Space for your Yoga mat and Free Weights – for those times when you just can’t make it to the gym, you need space for your yoga mat.  Hopefully in front of the TV so you can follow along with your favorite video yoga program.   And when you want to pump some iron from the comfort of your own home, you need a place to keep the weights when you’re not pumping, so you don’t trip and fall. Or stub your little toe.  Ouch.  Where’s the exercise equipment closet in houses these days?

Space for the Kitty Litter Box – Every single client with a cat looks for a place to keep the litter box.  Do you squeeze it into the laundry room?  On the ledge of the jetted bath tub?  Out the doggie door into the garage?  Can you even train a cat to go through a doggie door? So many questions and so little dedicated space.  Where’s the kitty litter box cubby in houses these days?

Space for the Dog Food Dispenser and Water Bowls – Once the cat is taken care of, next you have the pooch to deal with.  Is there space for the five pound programmable automatic portion controlled dog feeder?  Where is the special spot that delivers the required vertical clearance that doesn’t block a draw, door, or cabinet? And what about the five gallon water on-demand water reservoir that keeps Fido hydrated 24X7? Where’s the doggy feeding station in today’s houses?

Space for the Salt Water Aquarium – A salt water aquarium is a huge commitment to light, temperature control equipment, and space.  When you have a salt water aquarium and you are looking for a  new home for your family and your fish, you have to keep both sets of requirements in mind.  If you can afford a four bedroom home, when you only need three for people to actually sleep in, you may have found a house with the perfect Aquarium Room.  Although, it has been my experience that people with salt water aquariums want to be able to see their precious fish, and would decline to hide them in a spare bedroom.  Where is the space for the salt water aquarium in today’s houses?

Space and Electricity for Docking the Personal Electronics for the Entire Family – Really?  Wouldn’t you move in a minute to a house that has at least four multi-pronged power outlets and UBS ports for every one of your electronic devices, so that you can safely charge them and transfer data while they are protected from water, pets, and careless siblings where they don’t take up the entire available counter space?  I’m going on Shark Tank shortly with an invisible under counter docking mount for up to 24 devices.  It’s called the most useful of Mission Viejo home storage solutions.  I hope Lori loves it.

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