Real Estate 101 - Do I need an APP for that?

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams INTEGRITY SP00054677

Is technology taking over to the point that we are losing sight of the big picture? It is no surprise that most first time buyers would rather begin their home search via their phone by downloading multiple apps. They process the information and prefer to do most of the legwork themselves. They understand once preliminary decisions are made, they will need the assistance of a professional Realtor to continue the process of final selection and purchase.  Great!

If this is the trend, how can I, as a real estate professional, benefit the most from it? By getting back to the basics of what I do and what I have always done. Listings. Not just getting them, but pricing them correctly and making sure that they have a stellar web presence.

I obtain listings the way I always have. Some referrals, FSBO's, expireds and yes, even snail mail on occasion. I am current  with my local market. I do CMA's and BPO's on a regular basis. I communicate personally with my sphere of influence.  I make clear and precise remarks within the listing. I take quality photos that portray an accurate display of a property's features.

My Keller Williams affiliation allows a great web presence with lead capture capability. That, partnered with the MLS feeds and other sites assures listings are found and info readily available. Consumer inquiries responded to promptly.

There is no substitute for human interaction in the real estate industry. It really is a service industry. This is difficult for some consumers to relate to. They are not familiar with such interaction, to a point where they are uncomfortable with it.


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