Laguna Beach Luxury Homes For Sale - A New Marketing Campaign

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BanCorp Properties: Laguna Beach Homes For Sale


This is a reblog to a press release released on PR.Com on Friday....

BanCorp Properties said on Friday that it is fully committed to a new push in both the most well-known and lesser-known social media hubs to increase brand awareness in the Laguna Beach housing market for the purpose of getting more “eyes” on its Laguna Beach real estate inventory. The company believes that this is a more efficient manner than the older-school methods of print media and radio advertising since it is estimated that nearly 90% of all home searches being on the internet.

BanCorp Properties: Laguna Beach Ocean View Homes For Sale

BanCorp Real Estate Group announced on Friday that it is targeting the Laguna Beach real estate market in a multi-pronged marketing effort where they are moving the emphasis away from print media and the more traditional means of reaching clients – and channeling resources and company assets with a heavy emphasis on both well-known social media such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, and also moving to some of the lesser known but potentially potent smaller social media channels such as minor (or lesser known) hubs such as, Pinterest, and Active Rain blog postings. The sole motivating factor for the company to change their marketing effort is to secure a greater MLS inventory of Laguna Beach properties and to further exploit the luxury market for Laguna Beach homes for sale.

Greg Steinaker – Managing General Partner Of BanCorp Properties was quoted as saying “ by taking advantage of the self-replicating where we are able to zero-in on the local Laguna Beach real estate professional while simultaneously targeting our most high probability local, regional, national and international buyers, we will be able to self-generate new marketing funneling channels that the present market has not fully considered, what we are accomplishing is taking the older-school traditional marketing models and then multiplying them exponentially – making Laguna Beach real estate more attractive to buyers and sellers who use social media to search for homes.” It is estimated that approximately 90% of people who are in the market to purchase a home start their search for homes on the internet.

BanCorp believes that a focused and intense, on-going market campaign without any predetermined time-frame for expiration will allow the company to make great strides in their rankings across all of the major search engines – which is the sole motivating factor for initiating the marketing effort in the first place. The company believes that if it can increase its pipeline to its existing base of Laguna Beach Realtors, the only likely result would be increased sales and down-the-road repeat business. If BanCorp adds to its existing base of Laguna Beach Real Estate Agents this would only be an additional advantage of this highly intensified marketing effort. BanCorp Properties will continue it on-going blog postings to compliment this new social media push.

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