The Color of Change

Real Estate Agent with Better Homes Gardens/Mason McDuffie DRE#00890955

  Yes, the tile was inspired by Obama's speech.. It got me thinking that how when change happens, when it actually manifests, it seems so sudden at times. It was the change in the market that got me thinking about that. Two kinds of changes occur to me. those that appear (or seem to) suddenly, and those that creep up on you. You can see them happening, a loved one growing old, or up. Or those ten pounds that appeared one morning.

All change, not just Real Estate, is inevitable. Nothing ever stays the same, Even when, on the surface it seems to.A great spiritual leader said that even when things appear to not change- they have. They just get re-created over and over. That same thing- a company or person who once seemed so fresh and new, now isn't! Maybe because they stayed"the same"

I was struck by how fast every aspect of the market changed. Thinking back, I realize I was in denial-just a bit. I knew something was up when my listings either did not sell (they always do) or, when they took longer, But naah! That was just a blip. Finally I had to acknowledge the fear. I am sure some of you may be saying "I knew it had to". But did we know the far reaching effects, and how fast those prices fell in the entry level , and foreclosures on all levels.And how all of lending would change. I am sure on some level even those most pessimistic were surprised. Some homes are still going over asking with multiple offers. The market is such a mixed bag. I have not seen one like this in 23 years. But that is another blog.

Back to change. Sellers would look at me goggle-eyed when I told them to lower Thur price yet again, and finally, where the market was going. They thought I was crazy, Or  just not capable. It really tore me up. I pride myself on the service I give, and how I leave no stone unturned in getting their home sold. I am definitely pro-active. So there. How could they believe it when many of us were being amazed ourselves.  There are bright spots. People who buy houses won't have any unpleasant surprises about their mortgage payments. People who bought in the last few years may be able to lower their property tax payments,.

Change is easier if we learn to go with the flow. Resisting is the source of much pain. I have made it a point to learn about the new financing, and  call those clients I  haven't spoken to in years. Talk to them about investing. I am  Re-focusing.  When I start feeling heavy- I know I have to re-arrange my thoughts. Change can be invigorating.  I actually kinda like it. 


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