2015 Home Security Checklist

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Blue DIamond Realty B.1001920

Use this simple checklist to make sure you and your love ones are safe inside your home.


  •  Security System?
  •  Motion-detector lights around the property
  •  Keep your garage locked
  • Change the locks when you move in
  • Keep strong locks on all doors and windows
  • Keep keys guarded against unauthorized duplication
  • Always use the peephole before answering the door
  • Have automatic timers controlling your lights when you are out or away
  • Insure valuables and have a complete inventory list.
  • Keep extreme precious items in safety box
  • Record all serial numbers or identifying marks for all your valuable items
  • If your going away for extended period of time, inform your neighbors and arrange to have someone cut the grass and cancel your newspaper.




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