Texas Interstate-45 Widening and Overpass Project Timetable Updated

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League City - The Texas Interstate-45 widening and overpass bridge project schedule has been updated and posted on the City of Webster’s website. Listed below are just excerpts taken from that webpage:

 “…Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT’s) project includes widening the Interstate’s main lanes to five lanes in each direction, demolishing the bridges at Bay Area Boulevard and El Dorado (Dixie Farm Road has already been completed) to facilitate smoother main lane mobility, reconfiguring some of the on and off connections, and enhancing the feeder roads both north and southbound.

 The El Dorado overpass on I-45 is scheduled to be closed from March 2015 to August 2015. All work relating to the Ed Dorado intersection, access roads, on & off ramps should be completed around November 2015.

Prep work for the Bay Area bridge closure will begin in September 2015; this will consist of construction of the detour lanes, temporary on & off ramps, and work on underground utilities.The actual closure of the Bay Area overpass is slated for April 2016. The closure will last until June 2016. All work related to the Bay Area Blvd. intersection and access roads is scheduled to be completed by September 2016.”…

According to Texas Department of Transportation’s updated schedule, this entire project is due to be completed in July 2017. Traffic has, and will, become more congested and irritating as the construction comes closer to the heavier populated areas of the Bay Area. Residents should keep aware of road closures and, if necessary, find alternate routes when traveling during this road construction.

                      (El Dorado Overpass, Southbound on I-45)  January 2015 (Bay Area Blvd Overpass, Southbound on I-45)


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