BanCorp Facilitating Move Into Laguna Hills Real Estate Market

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BanCorp Properties: Laguna Hills Luxury Homes For Sale


This is a reblog to press release released on Press Release Point on Saturday...

With interest bordering around historical low rates again and inventory rising in the Laguna Hills real estate market BanCorp Properties sees an opportunity to both increase market share and brand awareness through its in-house mortgage division, UBC Direct, and through its on-going push into aggressive social media promotion.

The Laguna Hills housing market is affected by raises or decreases in long-term and short-term interest rates. With interest rates lowering it increases the borrowing power of peoples searching for homes for sale in Laguna Hills, and when the MLS inventory is high, is presents an excellent opportunity for buyers. BanCorp said on Friday that it plans on taking advantage of these lower interest rates by having its Laguna Hills real estate agents to solicit their clients to use BanCorp’s in-house financing division, UBC Direct for either the pre-qualification or the mortgage or the actual take-out financing on the loan. BanCorp believes this will not only facilitate the real estate transaction, but it will also add to the bottom line profits of the company – a win-win proposition.

Greg Steinaker, President of BanCorp Properties was quoted “If our Laguna Hills Realtors are more aggressive in talking to their clients about financing at the earlier stages of the process, versus farming it out to another outside lender, we are not only helping our clients out but we are moving the overall process through at a much faster pace.” He went on to add “To be competitive in a very compacted Laguna Hills real estate market, a company can’t sit on the sidelines and a hope or wish that that person will attempt to get financing… they have to proactive.”

BanCorp Properties is already in the middle of a aggressive social media targeted marketing campaign in the Laguna Hills real estate market. The company has been expanding its marketing influence in an attempt to draw more clients directly to its website to view its inventory of homes for sale in Laguna Hills instead of having them search for Laguna Hills properties on another national company’s website. Through concentrated blog postings, community specific twitter and Google+ link building and other postings, BanCorp Properties in increasing brand awareness across all city demographics.

About BanCorp Properties: BanCorp is a full-service South Orange County real estate broker specializing in single-family residences, condominiums, townhomes, rental properties and investment properties. BanCorp Properties main corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, CA and they have been serving the South Orange County real estate market since 1995.

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