SUPER BOWL WEB TRAFFIC: For Pennies On The Dollar

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Sounds too good to be true right? You can seriously get all the web traffic you need during Footballs biggest day of the year. If you are using a style of web traffic generation called - PPV then you can piggyback off of popular sports and news sites such as:

* Sports Illustrated
* Fox Sports


What you want to do is open an account with the following vendors:

* Adblade

* Direct CPV

You want to bid on popular keywords and you can get most of them for under 5 cents. If you want to get even less popular searches you can bid under .1 cent. You can also turn the account on and off so you don't drain your account.

Its a good idea to piggyback off a popular event like the Superbowl or a golf tournament. This attracts a wide range of people including investors and buyers.


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