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REALTOR caught stealing from home!

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Caught on Camera REALTOR steals meds from house she's showing!

Gotta tell you this disturbing story. It is one that home sellers hate to hear of. A REALTOR taking jewelry or drugs from your home. Actually just going through a homeonwer's private belongings is bad enough!

This is just another reason why ethics is so important! We can't prevent this from happening all the time. I try to always stay with my buyers when showing a home.  Its what is important and what we are instructed to do, BUT when it is a real estate agent it is a disaster. There is no way an owner can lock up everything that is important or expensive, especially when a home is listed for for a longer period of time.

Some say being a real estate agent is a sales job. This can not be compared to a sales job because the agents are not just advising, researching and acting on someone's behalf (their private agent), the owner is actually turning over their most crucial, expensive and PRIVATE investment over to an agent, then another agent is entering a sacred private environment full of personal possessions!

In a home showing your most intimate and private possessions are there and available (unless vacant). To do the most respectable and honorable thing especially when no one is looking is that agent's responsibility! Actually that is the human thing to do whether you are an agent, buyer, friend,  family or other. All persons should respect your "things" and privacy.

Looking in closets fine, looking in drawers NOT fine. As the economy tightens some people are willing to bend or break their ethics and find an easier way to obtain wealth. We will as time goes on find out whether she is "guilty" and if she has financial or drug issues.



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Carlos this is a sad state of  affairs but not surprising given the times. As you mentioned ethics is an important element to this business yet it is one thing that has been diminished for society as a whole or at least it seems that way.

Jan 26, 2015 02:46 AM
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 Carlos - This is horrible! Just another damaging story to the credibility of real estate agents. Being a Realtor is one of the most trusted positions, and we cannot lose that trust with the public.

Jan 26, 2015 06:26 AM