What You Don't Know about your home Could KILL You.

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**In an 80 year old row house in the popular Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, the inspector found that the neighbor's chimney had a hole in it. Carbon monoxide was venting into the sellers's attic. They had no idea.

**The house is a gorgeous renovation in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. The sellers bought the home as a fixer 8 years ago. All the renovations they did were high quality. They got permits for everything. When they got the home, it came with a washer/dryer on the second floor. The sellers' clothes dryer worked fine. They just assumed that it vented properly to the outside. Thank goodness the home inspector suspected otherwise. The dryer vent was clogged. It had been spewing lint in the no access, attic space for years. Fire waiting to happen.

**Makes me think I should have my own home inspected--Just for my own peace of mind.

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