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In my last post, Three of My Favorite Time Saving Social Media Tools, I got a lot of comments from people who had never heard of the tools I'd mentioned but were very interested. 


So, I figured, since I am pretty experienced in all three, I'd devote a few blog posts to diving a bit deeper into each one. I know how so many people in real estate are super pressed for time, so learning a new system from scratch can seem pretty daunting. 


Hopefully, this will help!


Let's get started. 




You can signup for BuzzSumo and use the free version, which I've found is good enough for most purposes. There is a paid version as well (smart if you have a team of people), if you want to check that out.


Now what makes BuzzSumo so cool is you can get real time information on trending keywords for the past week, month, and even year across a variety of sources like infographics, interviews and blog posts. 


This information can come in really handy when you're looking to both share popular content and create content that is worth sharing (a difficult feat!). 


Here's a quick example. 

Say I wanted to write a post about kitchen trends for my real estate blog to attract some potential buyers. I would type "kitchen trends" into the search area and select "past 6 months" to make sure I'm up to date.


The results give me all sorts of information. I see the top post called Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Trends - Renovation Trends for 2015, has over 5,500 shares, and the top 8 posts have over 1,000 shares each.


Now, I can see that people are interested in these kitchen trends and also see what same trends are popping up over and over again. This gives me some great basic material to write a quick post of my own, or ask my blog writer to write about.


You can easily check a number of buzzwords and keywords, even information about your geographic region by experimenting with a variety of phrases. Soon, you'll see some that stick out and some that don't get much traction. 


Conversely, if I didn't need or want to write a post about kitchen trends, I can still get a lot of use out of BuzzSumo. Here's how. 


Say I wanted to up my social media efforts and share more content (besides my own) each day. I want to make sure I am sharing information that is not only useful to my potential clients, but also pretty complementary to real estate in general.


Home remodelling is a perfect complementary field, and of course kitchen trends fit right in. In this case, I see that the top article has a lot of shares, and it fits in with my field, so I'm good to go. I can click the "share" button and choose any of my social media accounts or even my Buffer account. Simple!


Here's something else cool you can do with BuzzSumo. We'll stick to the same example to make it easy.


If you actually click on the button "view sharers" for the top article, in this case one called Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Trends - Renovation Trends for 2015, you'll see the majority of those who did share this post were actually real estate agents themselves. 


So here you can sort of check out your competition, and even follow people, add them to your own Twitter lists, or Tweet right at them. This can give you a lot of insight into who some of the social media rock stars out there might be.


Pretty interesting, right?


It's by no means everything, but this post is pretty much just a very quick and dirty overview of how you can use BuzzSumo. 


I've found it to be one of my go to tools for saving time. Since social media can take up quite a bit of time, I've been able to still offer a lot of value and interesting content to my followers but without spending hours hunting and pecking!

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Troy Erickson AZ Realtor (602) 295-6807
Good Company Real Estate - Chandler, AZ
Your Chandler, Ahwatukee, and East Valley Realtor

Liz - I had not heard of BuzzSumo, but you have now peaked my interest.

Jan 28, 2015 02:23 AM
Liz Froment
Boston, MA
Real Estate Content Creation (Blogs, Emails, Copy)

Awesome Troy Erickson hope you get some good use out of the site!

Jan 30, 2015 05:44 AM