Social Media 2015: Its Time To Ask Twazzup !!??

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Social Media is pretty awesome. You can find some stellar leads in real time. A lot of these tools are free but you have to really work it. You have to pick out a territory and farm it. You have to engage and create conversations. I thought this was pretty easy.... but for some its a struggle to come up with things to talk about.

Now here is a tool to get the creative juices flowing... its called TWAZZUP !!!

I threw a screen shot below so you can follow along. Best of all -- this thing is FREE.
You can follow the top trending stories in your field. You can also find the top trending links that people are talking about. 


Check out the top influencers, most active and the latest....
You can also use this as leverage. Right now the hot topics in Florida are the Doral Miss Universe pageant, and the South Beach Food and Wine festival.

Check it out ... its pretty awesome.

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