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New to Active Rain, but wanted to let other Realtor colleagues know where we are and how we can work together.  We service the entire Adirondack Park.  This region is 6 million acres and we have 9 offices to cover the area.  Our agency is Adirondack Country Homes Realty, with offices throughout the park and approximately over 40 agents currently.  We even cover the fringe areas like Saratoga and Glens Falls (great places too).  We welcome referrals (25%) and glad to work with our colleagues if you have clients looking at vacation places, or investments, in this area of upstate New York.  There are many new investment hot areas (one popular one being near Gore Ski Mountain, the Olympic Whiteface Mountain, the new AMD plant arriving in Malta, the new medical facility in Greenwich, and the City of Plattsburgh development around the old air force base), plus the Adirondacks have always been a popular choice for NYC, and NJ area due to the close distance.  We have hundreds of lakes and rivers, thousands of streams and a good mountain range with some of the best Eastern ski slopes around.

Trivia - the Adirondack Park is US's largest state owned park with 6 million acre.  Visit our site's conceirge service to get an idea of the park (

Currenlty our agency belongs to five MLS service in order to cover this large area. A six MLS is planned in 2007. We're pleased to work with you on a referral basis to cover the Park and surroundings areas.  We'll do the traveling, and then pay you referral fee for your lead.  All our agents are customer service orientated.  We run an entrepreneural shop, not corporate rules and reg's; and have lots of different programs (auctioneering, forestry, exclusive buyer agent program, vacation rentals, property management).  If we can help, let us know by contact me direct at  Our main site, if you wish to check us out, or bookmark us, is  This site portals to our other branch offices as well.

I look forward to blogging with you, and one day working with you.

Darleen R. March, Broker

Adirondack Country Homes Realty

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Colleen Irwin
Retired - Irondequoit, NY
Creative Real Estate Solutions...
Darlene - welcome to Active Rain and congratulations on your first post here!   Great start with your post, all you need is some photos of the area! 
Feb 15, 2007 11:05 AM
Christopher Ohlsen
Credit Werx, LLC. - Malone, NY
Darlene is absolutely correct. The Adirondacks in Upstate NY are among the most fantastic places to visit in the country. Great tourist area, a lot of investment opportunities as well.
Oct 12, 2007 05:37 AM
Darleen March, Broker


We are building a referral program, state by state.  We are trying to locate one agency in each district in each state that would like to be called for referrals.  A simple blanket referral agreement, and we can start doing business with our real estate colleagues of activerain.  Well, it might be "PollyAnna" thinking that we'll all collect business, but a glass half full, or at least something in it, is a good thing.  Even the reciprocal linkage is good for search engines, and that puts somethign in your glass.  Please e-mail me if you'd like to participate.  If you have a logo, great.  If not, just the site, and area.  I'll place you in the table, and as a 'hot spot' on the map.  Visit:  Looking forward to helping you.
Darleen March, Broker, Adirondack Country Homes Realty

Oct 12, 2007 12:39 PM