Live Where You Play Realtor Brian Dixon uses video to Promote Golden

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Pretty Cool. My managing broker Candice Ensign told me last night I was in this month's issue of Realtor Magazine and I said that's cool but I have no idea why!

After thinking for a few minutes I remembered: Oh yeah, on a whim, I entered a contest in October called "Why I have Street Cred," basically a contest about Realtors nationwide using video at a high level for marketing their hometowns and their businesses.

I didnt win but the Live Where You Play Guy gets honorable mention for a video about my favorite town, Golden, Colorado. Props to Jay Loechen, Evan Mann and Passion to Action studios for their help in making this video.

One Agent did a rap video and its pretty funny! Another was about Art and the winner was a hometown tour of Morristown NJ.

Here's the link of the four videos that made the cut including mine:

Four Realtors win contest about video marketing



BTW I still think Golden is the BEST place for outdoor lifestyle and it is the reason I moved here forever ago. Like and shout out if you love Golden, Colorado for outdoor lifestyle! It is indeed the place to Live Where You Play

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