Fastest way to a close on an FHA 203k is using a TEAM

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Fastest way to a close on an FHA 203k is using a TEAM

I received a call from a home buyer the other day. She asked for some assistance on her 203k loan in process. Turns out the lender was doing their first 203k and chose a consultant who was just getting started and had no clue as to what he was to provide, and of course the borrower was doing her first 203k. 

What is wrong with this picture?

Should be pretty obvious to everyone by the title of this post. While everyone starts with their first step, the lender should have hooked up with a proven team since they were new. The consultant didn't want to turn work away but could have called a seasoned consultant and offered a portion of the fee to gain some OJT (On the Job Training). I know our team does that in the interest of serving the client and lender more efficiently.

The Mike Young Team has been around since 1994 helping clients and lenders get their 203k projects closed faster. We just opened our newest office in St Lucie County FL with our good friend Pete Campbell at the helm. Give him a shot, I think you will like the results.

We were able to assist and put the paperwork in order for this consultant and help get that loan closed and "no, we didn't take a fee". It isn't about us, it is about the client getting what they expected. Give us try. If you have a problem closing your 203k loan feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you get it back on track.

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