USDA Home Mortgage Interest Rates February 2015

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February 2015 USDA mortgage interest rates are starting off pretty low, in fact we are not too far off the all times lows we experienced a few years back.  As of February 2015, current USDA 30 year fixed rates are starting off the year much lower versus a year ago.   USDA 30 year interest rates are currently in the mid to high 3 % area with NO discount points by most Florida brokers and mortgage companies as we start February.   


USDA home financing costs  in February are currently at the lowest level we have seen in over a year. First time buyers, don't delay!  If you can qualify, you can likely own a home for less than you pay in rent each month.  Patty Harris - USDA loan advisor. 


Also remember if you are an existing homeowner that already has a USDA RD home loan, you still have options to refinance your loan into a lower rate and possibly save hundreds each month.  The USDA Pilot refinance program allows  Florida homeowners that currently have USDA mortgages to refinance into a lower interest rates, the best part is you can do so regardless of how "upside down" or "underwater" your home value is.  You don't need any equity in your home. This program is designed for the homeowners that were hit the hardest in the housing market decline.  Additionally,  USDA streamlined paperwork and no new appraisal or home inspection is necessary,   You can read all about the USDA Pilot refinance requirements here.


As for closing times for February 2015 – USDA Rural Housing is currently taking about 35-45 days to close.  The local Florida USDA office is currently taking about 14 business days just on their end of things from the time of lender / broker loan submission. Homebuyers that have questions about a specific loan already in process will need to contact their mortgage company or lender directly for timelines.



USDA Mortgage Source is FL / GA USDA financing leader,  serving you 7 days a week -  9am-8pm.  If you have questions about a new USDA loan pre approval, rates or the Pilot refinance program -  please contact us at ph: 904-302-6060 or just visit

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