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Social media has become, and will remain, an essential part of any real estate agent’s marketing arsenal. Even beyond its effectiveness as a marketing tool—which can be great—any agent must maintain a basic social media presence simply to seem relevant and up-to-date.

However—and you can call me old-fashioned if you like—social media should never become a substitute for real, in-person human interaction.

As real estate professionals, we deal in emotions, life events, intangible reasons for making huge financial and life decisions. In essence, we deal with the really intimate, personal stuff of life. We don’t just sell homes. We sell the places where our clients fall in love, have babies, celebrate holidays, laugh, cry, and maybe even die. That’s powerful. And, when we consider it from this perspective, it’s easy to understand that interacting with our clients through social media can seem, at best, insufficient.

We can get lost in what we should be doing to market ourselves and our businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, and we can become focused on how splashy and sophisticated our websites should look. Again, I’m not suggesting these aren’t essential components of your business. I’m simply saying you should make it a point to connect with your clients in real life.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be a brief phone call if you’re in the neighborhood, or a quick coffee with a client on the way to work one day. Maybe you stop by with flowers on the anniversary of their purchase, or invite them to dinner or lunch. Whatever it is, always remember that our services are intrinsically personal. Make sure you keep it that way.

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Rob Marken
Bend River Realty - Bend, OR
25+ years experience in Bend

I completely agree! I think social media should really compliment your work in person as an agent.  I think social media is a great outlet to show off your personality and companies personality.  Social media should really be used as a tool to highlight your business. 

Feb 02, 2015 12:48 AM