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I am so glad I found this group!  I posted this a few weeks ago because I am getting very tired of all the negative energy in my neck of the woods! So here goes....Enjoy!

In the doom and gloom of things I'd like to post a positive note about the Real Estate Market.  From my point of view I have seen quite an increase over the last month on showings and activity in general.  I really believe that portability has had an effect on the reluctant buyers to make a move forward.

No matter how things seem as long as you are doing activities daily to increase your business you will be moving in the right direction.....forward!

Think of all the people who are losing their houses to foreclosure and short sale, how they must be feeling......their misfortune gives us as Real Estate Professionals an opportunity.  That is quite sad when you really stop to think about it.

How many of you currently have a foreclosre or short sale on the market? (retorical question no response necessary) Think about the families affected by those misfortunes and it really gives you hope to stay positive that no matter how bad it gets their is someone out there that has it much worse than we do.

Miracles give us daily hope....how about the young man in Oklahoma City that was pronounced dead!!!! They were getting ready to harvest his organs, there was no sign of brain activity or blood circulation to his brain. Suddenly he moved. In interviews he says he's doing pretty good, he doesn't have much memory of the accident that put him in the hospital and it might be a long recovery, but he feels pretty good.

If that doesn't give you a glimmer of hope right there, I'm not sure what will!

Anyhow, let's all stay focused and positive as we proceed through our daily lives and activities!

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Melinda Barry
ERA Suncoast Realty - Crystal River, FL

Dear Andrew,

Do you know of a little thing called the "SECRET"!? Great book and video all about positive attitudes and how they can affect everything you have and do in life. 

I 100% believe it can be done! Thank you for your post.

Apr 09, 2008 02:48 AM