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Selling your home can be stressful.  We all know that the longer your house is on the market the harder it is to sell it.  Not to mention the stress of potentially carrying two mortgages, possibly delaying the purchase of your new home or having to lower your sale price.  Here are 14 ideas that might help get your home sold.

1. Get your neighbors involved.

This may be an extreme idea, but could work.  Offer neighbors that like you – and maybe even those who don’t – a monetary prize to the one who brings you a buyer who actually closes on the house.

2. Crowdsource it.

Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

You can use this to look for a buyer or investor to purchase your home.

3. Throw in the kitchen sink.

"Individual sellers should consider price and other incentives that could entice a buyer to take a look. You have to attract their attention somehow," said Bankrate. "You want to create the buzz."

Anything can be an incentive from offering gas cards, event tickets or even furniture you planned on getting rid of anyway. You can even offer to pay a year’s worth of property taxes.

4. Entice with cookies.

This may be a little cliché, but chocolate chip cookies are a great enticing tool. Throw a batch in the oven prior to a showing and you just might make a buyer feel more like the house is a home.

5. Toy story

If you know there is a family with children coming to view your home, set out a few toys in the play room or the kid’s room. This will give the impression that the house is great for families with children.

6. Research your buyers

Not saying you should be a stalker but try and find out some facts about your potential buyers that you can use to your advantage.  For example, if the buyer is a golfer, lay out a few golf clubs.

7. Write it out.

If you are comfortable, leave a note for potential buyers who are looking at your home.  Let them know how much you have enjoyed the home and tell them about the neighborhood.  This personal touch can leave a positive impression on the buyer.

8. Create a list.

If you’re bold enough, you can write a list such as Top 10 Reasons to Love This House. You can post it in the home or leave it for the buyer to take with them.

9. Stage it.

"Sellers need to understand that the way we live in our home is not the way we sell our home," said Front Door.

Homes that are staged "spend 73 percent less time on the market; typically sell for more money; end up on buyers' "must see" lists; are viewed as "well-maintained;" and have fewer concessions requested of the seller," according to the Real Estate Staging Association, said the Daily News.

Staging can cost up to $2,500, but by using tactics used in model homes, sellers might be able to do it themselves. The first step "is a thorough de-cluttering. Sellers should purge the house of all personal belongings, family photos and countertop appliances," said Front Door. "Furniture should be rearranged so as to make the room appear larger. Space sells.

10. Underprice it.

This is nothing new.  But underpricing your home is a strategic move.  It can result in a bidding war for your home.

11. Forget the open house.

Instead of the traditional open house, try something unique like a wine tasting party. This can make your house stand out and bring in more potential buyers.

Some of these ideas are untraditional, but give them a try you may end up with a sold house!

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Barbara, that's a great list of things to consider when selling ones home.  Pricing it correctly and getting it into showing mode are two of the most important keys.

Feb 02, 2015 08:24 AM