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New Colors - A New Face For a New Place

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Many people see the value in new colors. That is a large part about what painting is about is a fresh clean look that adds to richness of your enviornement. Interior painting is pretty basic but requires a lot of work. For the DIY person a paint job is simple, but to do it professionally for days on end is a different story. There is a big difference with the result. I have spent over 2500 hours on painting and it gets easier every time. This is because I know how to tackle a project. For example, adding a different color ceiling is a huge plus but it is important to have straight lines and not wavy lines when butting up against a different color. There are two ways. You can spend time taping off with painters tape. This is a 3M product sold at your local hardware store. Painters tape is expensive at about eight dollars  a roll. Usually, good painters can free hand the lines. This takes a lot of patience and for the less inclined not a great idea. After you “cut in” which refers to very carefully painting the borders you use a nine inch roller with a 3/8th inch nap to roll out the paint. I have tried all the paint and there is no such thing as a one coat paint. You need two coats. This is the professional standard. Three coats may be needed. If going from a dark color to a light color, use a primer. This will make it easier in the long run. The primer is thicker and blocks the darker paint from showing through. Then you will need to do two coats. A good way to make the primer work for you is to tint the primer the same color as the paint. You will still need two more coats of paint but that should work. Remember there are different paints for different applications. The same paint you use on the walls shouldn’t go on the deck surface or the cabinets. It will wear away and become sticky to the touch. I would consult your local Sherwin Williams on these types of products if you are not just painting walls. When rolling make sure not to leave any lines. This is done by rolling out the paint in a horizontal or W fashion. Then go back over it with a downward stroke so the paint lays evenly. Not a bad idea to lay a drop cloth so that paint doesn’t get on the floor. Carpet homes are the worse and I suggest using plastic film and tape off the trim so that the carpet is clean afterwards. I also recommend using a water based laytex paint. With the use of water, you can remove the paint and even some paint thinner will help you keep the brushes in the best of condition. If you need more tips, please visit me at www.ASPMWA.com. You may also call me at 360 389 7988.

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Derek - This is good information for people about what it takes to paint.

Feb 03, 2015 02:10 PM