Stacey Marks Family and Wedding Photography in Sarasota, Florida

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Stacey Marks is a Professional Photographer who specializes in Family Portraits and Weddings in Sarasota, FL.  Stacey is a true professional who knows how to work with your family and expecially your children to get that once in a life time quality family portrait either at the beach, in a family setting, or on your wedding day.  Stacey is ranked the #1 Sarasota Photographer on

Stacey Marks Wedding and Family Portraits


What are they saying about a photo shoot with Stacey Marks Photography:


"Stacey is such a sweetheart and really understood how to work with our 18 month old.  I loved that the pictures didn't look staged and the session was very relaxed.  I couldn't recommend her more for family portraits."


"Stacey Marks Photography is phenomenal, she did my wedding photos and they turned out amazing.  She even took beach pictures in the cold rain so we coud get pictures before my husband left with the military again.  I highly recommend her to my friends and family."


Stacey can book you family or wedding photography either on-line or you can call her directly with any questions that you may have.  Stacey can be reached at 941-993-7495 or visit

Stacey Marks Family and Wedding Photography in Sarasota, Florida

Stacey Marks Family and Wedding Photography

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Stacey Marks is a highly skilled photographer in Sarasota, FL, known for her expertise in capturing beautiful family portraits and wedding moments. With a keen understanding of working with families and children,  If you're looking for professional photography services, consider checking out Stacey's work. Additionally, offers basic wedding photography package. They ensure that your wedding day memories are of the highest quality.

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