The Top East Bay Restaurants

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The San Francisco Chronicle just came out with its annual list of the Top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area. Of course, most are in The City itself, but they included 14 East Bay restaurants. Of the 14, several are old favorites of mine and others are now on my list to check out. Plus, they left off one of my favorites!

Of course, standard-bearer Chez Panisse is on the list, as well as other favorties like Oliveto and Bay Wolf. Here in Rockridge, they also included the wonderful A Cote and new kid on the block Wood Tavern. Both are great! Another favorite--Pizzaiolo over in the Temescal district--also made the list. One I will need to check out is the brasserie-style restaurant Flora in Oakland's up-and-coming Uptown district.

Now, over on Piedmont Avenue, they include one my favorites--Dopo. What a great place to stop in for a wonderful little pizza!

Also on Piedmont Avenue, they should have included the terrific Park Avenue Bar & Grill. Owner Chris VavRosky cooks up one of the tastiest burgers in town and mixes some mean drinks! Make sure to check them out!

Over on Berkeley's Solano Avenue, I was glad to see Latin small plate specialist Fonda was highlighted, as well as Mediterranean spot Rivoli. Down on Fourth Street, I will need to check out Japanese/California cuisine restuarant O Chame, as well as nearby Indian joint Vik's Chaat Corner.

Through the Caldecott Tunnel, it looks like I will need to go check out Va De Vi in Walnut Creek and Bo's Barbecue in Lafayette.

I love to eat out, so if you ever need a restaurant recommendation, just let me know. Perhaps I'll join you!

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