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Ah - yet another blog about social media.  In starting to write this I did a Google Search of List of Social Media Sites.   The results astounded me a little - list of the 15 most popular social media sites - list of the 40 most popular.  Of course wikipedia has an alphabetical list of social media sites


The list of 40 was published in 2012 - amazing how different it is from the list of 15 published in February 2015.  Shows you the speed at which the world of social media is evolving.  


There's an agent in our office who utilizes social media as is primary lead generating activity.  He finished 2014 inside the top 5 producers in the office - all without making a lead generation phone call.  He gets it.  

The point is to interact with others on the site.  


The point was made clear to me today as I browsed a site I belong to called YouPic.  It's a place for photography enthusiasts to go post their work.  Members range from professional photographers regularly published around the world to proud grandmas posting photos from their phone of their newest grandbaby.  


There is a contrast between those who want to interact, and those who simply want to show their work.  You show your interest in others by "favoriting" their pictures or "repic" and posting their photos on a portion of your profile of the photos you repic - the highest level of appreciation for another's work available on the site.  You can also "follow" those who's work interests you.


Sort of like Twitter right?  I can favorite your tweet, or I can retweet.  

On Facebook I can like, comment or share.


There are photographers with hundresd, or even thousands, of photos published who have hundreds of followers, and follow almost nobody.  Others have a handful of photos published, follow hundreds and are followed by few.  

Then there are those who publish the very best of what they have, regularly favorite and repic the work of others...follow those whose work they like (if you don't like nudes then you won't follow a photographer who shoots nudes. If you find lanscapes boring you won't like me).  If you post photos, never follow anybody, repic or favorite their work then yours isn't going to garner as much attention as it might no matter how talented you might be.


They say on most social media don't post ONLY real estate.  Others say don't post anything personal, express an opinion or post anything that might be offensive to a potential client.  

Check out my facebook and see how I violate some of these rules.  I don't post ONLY real estate. I do post opinions because I have them. I post personal things because life is short. I am not afraid to offend because I'm not fearful of being offended, nor do I offend easily.


The one thing you have in any business that truly separates you from others is the "WHO" of who you are.  Be yourself. Be Honest. Be Sincere. Be BOLD - fortune favors the bold, right?




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Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

The effective use of social media sites is a real challenge for real estate professionals. 

Feb 26, 2015 09:06 PM