Marketing Your Business

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Let's face it, most of us get the fact that, without a marketing plan there is no business.

To survive, your marketing plan has to be superior or you have to develop a way around the typical marketing curve to get business.

Have you made a marketing plan or when was the last time you upgraded your marketing plan?

Are you using the cold call method? Do you understand the current laws governing those listed on the "Do Not Call List?" Are you aware that accidentally calling someone on the "Do Not Call List could cost you and your company $11,000 per call if there is a complaint filed against you?

Do your marketing plan place you in a position, where your potential clients understand and know the services you provide?

Who will they call? Will they call you at all? Have you implemented a plan that create a reason for potential clients to call you first?

If you don't have an answer to these questions, it means you don't have a marketing plan or have not implemented one that is targeted to a specific audience and purpose, nor is it designed to get those potential clients to call you first.

Marketing create name recognition. Promotion create action. Both pieces are very necessary to a successful marketing campaign. Marketing in an ongoing endeavor.


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