Are You Mobile Ready?

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Mobile is huge today. Did you know mobile search is overtaking the traditional desktop or laptop computer?


In fact, the vast majority of internet users today own a smart phone, I'm guessing you're in that group too. Just think about how often you are using your phone for everything but calls and texts. Chances are, quite a bit.


Your potential clients are doing the same. More and more people are using their phone (and tablets) as the place they start their search. This is certainly true for real estate.


Here are a few stats to back it up:


- 89% of potential home buyers use a mobile device during research

- 50% of potential home buyers use apps as an information source

- 25% of real estate website visitors arrive via mobile device


Now, the real question is, how mobile friendly is your site? It can certainly be a turn off to get a site on your phone to find out it's just a mess. So, with the higher number of people who are using mobile to search for homes, this is something important to keep in mind.


Start by visiting your own site on your phone or tablet to see how it looks. From there, you can think about making a few changes if your site doesn't appear to be mobile responsive. Oftentimes, it's as simple as a website plugin tweak to get your site back on track!


Is your site mobile responsive?

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