Washington, DC-Area Condo Developments Incite Excitement

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With its growing population due to the wide range of employment opportunities and great cultural attractions, Washington, DC’s condo development has ramped up over the last few years to accommodate a new breed of home owners. With every new project, developers are finding innovative new ways to attract home buyers and as a result, some of the city’s latest projects are creating a palpable buzz around town.

Here are a few of the most exciting condo developments in and around Washington, DC.

Union Market’s Polarizing Appeal

One of the most massive projects in town is also one of the most polarizing, according to locals. The 11-story development going up in the neighborhood on 1270 4th Street is being met with a wide range of strong opinions. After proposing an initial design, the Zoning Commission asked the developer to resubmit something that would “reflect the industrial character of the neighborhood,” as reported by UrbanTurf.

With the development’s latest redesign, which is slated to feature a range of 420 to 520 residential units, it seems the developer may have taken the cue a bit far. The new building design features a blockier shape with larger windows, which will appeal to home buyers looking for plenty of natural light.

Bethesda’s Artsy Contribution

Another of the most talked-about developments in the Washington, DC area is the ever-evolving Arts Alley project in downtown Bethesda. The project slated for 4990 Fairmont Avenue is combining a public art space with residences in a 17-story luxury condo building.

From floor six to 17, condos ranging from moderately priced to luxury will be constructed while floors closer to ground level will feature art studios to be managed by the Bethesda Urban Partnership. The development, which will serve as an art incubator for the region, has received a tremendous amount of support from locals and is one to watch as the final plans become approved.

No cars trending on H Street

With public transportation becoming a more common way of life for the many commuters in Washington, DC, developments are going to start reflecting that shift by not including parking structures. One development that is paving the way for this and is thus garnering a considerable amount of attention is the 28-unit building proposed for the east end of the H Street Corridor.

The land on which the building is to be built is a triangular slice where Florida Avenue and H Street meet. Given its unique shape and tight fit, developers opted to forgo the 21 parking spots typically required of a building such as this, and with permission from the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the plan paid off. Residents who inhabit the building will be more than a mile away from the nearest metro station; however there is ample access to the H Street streetcar.

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