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Avalanche Style Homemade Roof Rake

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Avalanche Style Roof Rake


Avalanche style roof rake


With snow amounts here in New England coming in at nearly 100 inches in a 30 day period, roofs are starting to cave in.  Roofing companies tell of being so back logged with requests they can't possibly handle all the work. News stations are warning people to clear off the snow before ice dams occur or much worse, your roof collapses. Then they tell you don't do it your self, you could get hurt. Many are in a tough position, they can't afford to hire someone or aren't capable of pulling a roof rake which until now was one of the safest ways to get snow off your roof.

Enter the "Avalanche style" roof rake. In ingenious idea invented by someone with many other versions circulating the internet and Social Media.


Having a few relatives in need, I thought I would build one myself. Here's my version.


You can make one of these for about $50 or if your good at using recycled materials around the home next to nothing.  I can say that it makes quick and easy work of most any roof.  The pole saw shown in this video replaced another length of conduit that has started to bend.  You will soon see why they are called "Avalanche Style" roof rakes.

Here it is in action. Let the avalanche begin!  The wind can cause a little interference as you can see at the end of the video.



A few things, make sure you put wheels on this as you will damage roof shingles if you don't. I traced a roll of duct tape on some 1/2inch plywood and cut them out with a jigsaw. I set them so the unit rode about an inch above the roof. Don't worry about getting it down to bare roof, the sun will take care of that quickly. 

The tarp is secured by sandwiching the strip using another piece of aluminum and self tapping screws.  All other screws were 1/4 inch with wing nuts for quick assembly.

This is my own version and can be simplified quite a bit. I would love to see any other versions so please reply with some links!


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Thank you very much and good luck!


Christine O'Shea
Christine E O'Shea Broker - Naples, FL

Very "cool" idea and as I have seen on the broadcasts much needed.  Stay warm up there!

Feb 17, 2015 02:00 AM